Table of Contents


1. Past dark:a short introduction to the human relationship with darkness over time
Robert Hensey

2. Darkness visible. Shadows, art, and the ritual experience of caves in Upper Palaeolithic Europe

Paul Pettitt

3. Between symbol and senses: the role of darkness in ritual in prehistoric Italy

Ruth D. Whitehouse

4. Experiencing darkness and light in caves: later prehistoric examples from Seulo in central Sardinia
Robin Skeates

5. The dark side of the sky: the orientations of earlier prehistoric monuments in Ireland and Britain
Richard Bradley

6. In search of darkness: cave use in Late Bronze Age Ireland

Marion Dowd

7. Digging into the darkness: the experience of copper mining in the Great Orme, North Wales

Sian James

8. Between realms: entering the darkness of the hare paenga in ancient Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Sue Hamilton and Colin Richards

9. Dark places and supernatural light in early Ireland                                   
John Carey

10. Enfolded by the long winter’s night                                     
Charlotte Damm

11. ‘The outer darkness of madness’ – the Edwardian Winter Garden at Purdysburn asylum for the insane

Gillian Allmond

12. An eleven-day expedition into the world’s deepest cave

Tim O’Connell

13. Coming in and out of the dark
Gabriel Cooney